This July Valhalla will be hosting a steel mace competition like no other, King of the Swing 2024. A knock out round based tournament where only the strongest survive. Each round will comprise of a 5 minute flight of 10 to 2's with the steel mace, the more reps in the minute, the more points. You will have three weights to choose from depending on what's between your legs. For Men the weights are 7kg 10kg and 15kg and for Women its 5kg 7kg and 10kg.  For the light weight you get 1pt per swing, the medium weight is 2pts per swing and for the heavier its 3pts.

Once your weight of mace has been chosen you may increase the weight on the next round but you can never decrease the weight. There will be 4 rounds, the Prelims, the Quarters, the Semis and then the Finals with the lowest scoring being knocked out each round and the winner of the Finals being appointed 2024's King of the Swing.


To register and gain entry for King of the Swing just buy the t-shirt in your size and collect from the club on the day of the event. Your email reciept is your ticket!

***Please select "Collect from Club" as delivery method at checkout***

See you there