The Steel mace is a versatile tool that will aid in both the increase of strength and mobility, it also aids rehabilitation in shoulder movement and makes you look pretty fucking cool, if i do say so myself. Due to its size it can be easily carried and used both at home or in the gym (if you're going to a dope AF gym like ours anyway) and when used to its full potential is an excellent aid to improving mental wellness. I can't stress enough how good a tool this just buy one. This product is made to order so please be aware the item may take up to 2 to 3 weeks to arrive.


When selecting the custom colour mace please mention the colour you desire in the notes section of the purchase.

Valhalla Steel Mace

  • The steel mace has a handle 1060mm long and 42.4mm in girth (giggidy). It has been welded in Valhalla and painted in Valhalla. These maces are not meant to be placed on a mantle piece, they are meant for swinging, bashing and smashing. This thing will last but of course the paint work may not. A weapon with out a scratch on it is a weapon thats never seen battle.  Also please realise that due to the custom nature of each piece there may slight imperfections but again, thats the fun. 

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